i got into batman comics by accident in december and now i spent 99% of my time crying over these losers i swear i don't know how it happened help me

sometimes i post panels and ramble on incoherently about my batfeels


batman #636




"Kelsey, I am contacting you because I have some good news…"

i’m officially going to art school! booyeah! otis, here i come!



The image of Jason dancing around and belting out the lyrics to Queen while wearing nothing but a pair of Wonder Woman short shorts and matching tank brings joy to my life.

You mean like this? :D


What does "Robin" means as a symbol to you? Like, you know, "Wonder Woman" uses to represent truth, and Superman represents strength or something like that. What does represent Robin? If the question is too strange, try, what kind of people can become a Robin?

- Anonymous


This is a wonderful question, actually! I’m happy to consider both parts of it. 

The fascinating thing about Robin as a symbol is that so many different characters inhabit it over the course of the role’s history, and to some extent, it evolves with them. It means something different to each person who holds the title: Dick finds in Robin the freedom to cope with his parents’ death while honoring the skills they taught him, and Stephanie further proves to herself that she has what it takes to distance herself from her father’s criminal misdeeds. Jason learns to channel destructive behaviors into something that gives him a sense of belonging for perhaps the first time in his life, and Tim shifts from hero-worshiping Batman and Robin to recognizing just how human the people behind the masks are when he joins their ranks. Damian redeems himself through Robin by shunning a childhood of death and brutality to become someone who willingly puts his young life on the line to save others. 

The way Robin functions in the field varies depending on the person currently serving in that capacity.  But despite the malleability of Robin as a hero role, the common element among everyone who occupies it is youth— and that’s important.  Eventually, one outgrows* Robin: he or she becomes Nightwing, or Red Robin, or Batgirl.  A free agent rather than a sidekick. Calling the shots instead of taking orders.

But before a Robin can progress into an adult role, they must learn to reconcile their own impulses within the chain of authority. It’s something that many people struggle with growing up— it’s hard to be young and to feel like you have no control over your life. The Robins grow to understand that there is a time for autonomy, and there is a time to follow orders, and it takes time and practice to distinguish when each scenario is appropriate. For many of the children who are Robin at some point, this is a very difficult concession to make. These are kids who have suffered, who have been forced to look out for themselves when the adults in their lives were abusive or neglectful or ripped away from them. You will find numerous examples of each Robin defying Batman at some point (and despite what Bruce may think, Batman is not always right). 

But ultimately, they each come to appreciate and respect the value of teamwork and family, and of having a leader who is also a guardian. So to me, Robin is a symbol of faith, of trust. Trust that, after all the horrible things you’ve endured in life, someone cares for you enough to make decisions that will keep you safe even when you don’t always understand them. Trust that, though you are still young, still learning, your mentor stands behind you in helping you become everything he knows you can be. Trust that your partner is worthy of respect, and that so are you.  

That said, I think Robin is an especially wonderful role because there is no one kind of person who can inhabit it.  Dick, Jason, Stephanie, Tim, and Damian are all so different in personality and in their approaches to the role of Robin, but they’re all successful in their own ways.  If you bring willingness and dedication to the table, Batman (Bruce or Dick) can train you to flourish as his partner (Steph is a wonderful example of this). The Robins each have different attributes going for them, but their common advantage is their ceaseless determination to pursue justice at Batman’s side. 

*Outgrows or is brutally murdered. lol, fuck you sometimes**, DC Comics 

**most of the time, actually 


alfred was probably a very spoiled kitten and got nice and fat and fluffy


01-31-13: WIP Karaoke Titans

This is by no means anywhere near complete. Especially since the colors are going to be drastically different by the time it’s complete. I figured a WIP would be good to post. I started this last year and just working on it here and there. I would like to finish this soon. 

Also, I realized I haven’t been posting some of the dailys. I’ll post the ones I’ve missed soon. Anyone still want to guess the song they’re singing? Here’s the clue again:

One of the voice actors of one of these characters has sung this song as a duet that inspired this piece. Name that song!


and this is my half of a DC doodle trade with the kind and brilliant elle! she asked for jericho and dick being bros, and eating hot dogs in high places is the first thing that comes to mind when dick bromances anyone…